Dykkerteknikk has a contract with Nexans for "near shore protection" works in Scotland.
The works include diving and ROV assistance as well as Trenching of pull in pipes ø700mm and power cables.
The flushing takes place with a self-developed flushing machine with associated vessels.
Contract amount: approx. 30o mill ex VAT.

Drammen hospital Sea lines 2021

Client HAB
Dykkerteknikk has a contract for sea workers in connection with the New Hospital in Drammen
The delivery includes a thousand meters of pipelines to be installed down to 80 meters water depth as well as landfall work
The contract is a total subcontract and HAB Construction is the client
Contract amount Approx. 30 million ex VAT

Andøya 2021.

Client Upnor
On behalf of Uponor Infra, Dykkerteknikk installed ø2500mm Weholite sea line.
This is a discharge line for land-based fish farms.

Kjøkøysundet 2021.

Dykkerteknikk removes 6 old cables with MS Rasmus. The divers have previously marked all crossings with other installations and points where extra care must be taken. It is as often as not, that there are installations the customer himself is not ready in the operating area. Then it is important to have preventive measures to avoid inflicting these injuries. Dykkerteknikk installed the new cables in collaboration with EAAS and Eliva i 2020
Dykkerteknikk laid the new cables together with EAAS and ELVIA in 2020

VEAS Diffusor System 2021

VEAS. Total Enterprise
Cleaning of Diffuser system and replacement of weights, with ROV and OD-02 Diving to 50m

FOrnebu banen 2020

Client Oslo Kommune
Establishment of discharge lines in connection with the construction of the new Fornebu line. Dimensions ø250, 1000 and 1200mm are produced and lowered to 20 meters water depth.
Weighting, lowering of water and drain pipes. Pre and postsurvey with ROV
Dykkekeknikk is the main contractor and delivers a complete package with its own equipment and personnel

Burestua-Veas 2020

Client ØPD
Two 355 mm pipes have been installed from Burestua to Alvern and from Alvern to VEAS
The pipes were buried within the trawl zones with Capjet from PolarKing, and Sophie as an ROV vessel from Dykkerteknikk AS. For all measurement during lowering and measurement after lowering, MS Sophie was used. It was equipped with Kongsberg microPAP HPR system and SPERRE Subfigher 7500 ROV.

skagenfiber HIRTSHALS 2020.

In land pulling and burying of fiber cable

fiberKabel Fensfjorden 2019

Presurvey and Postsurvey
ROV Touchdown monitoring and cable protection with Divers
Burial of cable with Polarking and laying of mats