Sperre Subfighter 7500 ROV & Deep Trekker Revolution.

Dykkerteknikk offers all types of ROV services.

  • Presurvey
  • Touchdown monitoring / positioning and aslaid / buildt survey
  • Inspections and mapping
  • Assistance in rescue and search
  • Planning and implementation of advanced ROV operations

Marin Operations

DSV Sophie

DSV SOPHIE .15M long and 7M wide work vessel with water jet system that gives Sophie the opportunity to work in shallow water. ROV w / full navigation incl subsea positioning on board and crane. Large working deck for mobilization of the Diving Station.

MS rasmus

MS RASMUS. 19.5 Long and 7M that protrude 1m down, and with 10m long submersible support legs that anchor Rasmus to the bottom. Large working deck of 100sqm that can transport excavator and truck.

  • Drilling and blasting
  • Dredging and mass relocation
  • Laying of cables and pipes
  • Formwork and casting
  • Erosion protection
  • Welding and firing
  • Welding of PE
  • Concrete rehabilitation

Cable, WATER & drain water

Dykkerteknikk delivers Enterprises within facilities and businesses both by and at sea. Dykkerteknikk delivers offers to both private and public Builders. The company is centrally approved for liability law


Jetting machine

Dykkerteknikk has performed jetting / flushing in shallow water since 1980. The flushing machine has been developed in DT and has been a great success on International projects. Powerful and reliable down to 100m depth.

  • Fully remote controlled jetting
  • Linear movement of flushing nozzle of 1 meter
  • Tensioner system has 750 kg of traction
  • Variable ballast system 0-1000 kg
  • ​3D GUI
  • Internally developed Control Software and complete design.


Eiva Navipack-NAVISCAN ROV multibeam

  • Surface-based survey with EM2040 multibeam or R2 Conic 2020
  • LOCK Subfigher 7500 and Latch Subfigh 10K
  • Kongsberg microPAP HPR system

Underwater construction

Qualified divers

  • Diving services
  • Construction services
  • VA Construction-Water pipes
  • Submarine cable
  • Concrete workers